There is more to the DIMD PP10 than meets the eye. From highest grade components to a point-to-point construction, the PP10 integrated amplifier is built to reproduce music in the finest way.


DIMD PP10 Stereo is expertly crafted and engineered to the highest standards. By using precision point-to-point hand wiring, we're able to build a product with the shortest signal and ground return paths. So you have an amplifier with an extremely low noise level.

The PP10 integrated amplifier uses push-pull circuit topology and operates in class AB. With excellent harmonic and inter-modular distortion figures, PP10 Stereo is the perfect centerpiece for your audio system.


The idea behind PP10 has never wavered – to craft a precision electronic instrument. To achieve this, only the very best high-performance components are used. Self-healing polypropylene coupling capacitators, paired with point-to-point hand wiring, ensure incredibly low total harmonic distortion. So every musical instrument in your recording will not only make its presence felt, but sound even truer to life. Moreover, for DIMD PP10, we use only high tolerance metal film resistors. So you get low noise level and all the benefits of a precisely balanced stereo amplifier. 


Engineered around point-to-point construction with high grade components, the DIMD PP10 would exhibit remarkable properties even with no overall negative feedback at all. Therefore, by applying delicate feedback of just 6 dB, all the main parameters of the tube amplifier appear precisely adjusted. The result? A well-balanced frequency response, even lower THD and an optimal damping factor.

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We believe that beautiful design shouldn’t come at the expense of amplifier performance. That's why we conducted detailed research into the impact of each and every material and element on sound quality. The chassis of the PP10 is made of CNC machined 5 mm aluminum with a stunning satin anodized finish. Not only does the chassis have excellent shielding properties, it also has an integrated design that provides the best platform for point-to-point construction.

But that’s not all. The solid oak cabinet is also created using CNC machines. This ensures the absolute precision of each and every component in the enclosure. In other words, the state of the art design of PP10 is the result of continuous focus on detail.


Take a closer look at DIMD PP10 stereo. Roll over the picture with your mouse. 


Clarity. Accuracy. Purity. You name it. Regardless of how you measure the quality of sound, tubes matter. In the PP10, we use only a matched pair of the well-known ECC83 double triodes in preamp, and a matched quartet of EL84 pentodes in the power stage. So each pair and quartet are matched especially for the DIMD PP10. This ensures that nothing gets between you and your favorite music.

  Operating class: AB
  Output topology: Push-Pull, UL 
  Output tubes: 4 x EL84
  Driver tubes: 2 x ECC83
  Nominal speaker impedance: 6 or 8 Ohm
  Maximum power: 2 x 10 W
  Inputs: 4 RCA pairs
  Input sensitivity: 420 mV
  THD @ 1W (1kHz): < 0.1 %
  THD @ 10W (1kHz): < 0.3 %
  Frequency response (+0/-0.5 dB): 20 - 20 000 Hz 
  Power bandwidth (+0/-3.0 dB): 10 – 40 000 Hz 
  Dynamic range: 90 dB
  Stereo crosstalk @ 1W: -65 dB
  Output impedance @ 1W: 2.8 Ohm
  Global NFB: 6 dB
  Mains voltage: 230 VAC / 50 Hz
  Power consumption: 100 W
  Dimensions: 430 x 159 x 280 mm
  Weight: 9 kg


Hand wired
Point-to-point construction
Polypropylene coupling capacitors
Metal film resistors, 1% tolerance
ALPS potentiometer and selector switch
Silver plated RCA connectors and speaker binding posts
Toroidal power transformer
All components made in EU, Switzerland and Japan
CNC machined 5 mm aluminum chassis
CNC milled solid oakwood cabinet
Engineered, designed and manufactured in Latvia


DIMD PP10 Stereo. 

The PP10 Stereo is built to last. It comes with 5 year warranty.
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