The fascinating story behind DIMD started with Edgars Spārniņš’ wife Marta – a well-known violin player. He noticed that for some reason, when listening to music, she would always wear headphones. The explanation, as Edgars discovered, was that Marta just didn’t like the sound quality of their average stereo system.

So he came up with the idea of building a tube amplifier. Such is his innate curiosity that this was a task that really appealed to him. Overcoming challenges is a huge part of what makes him tick. In addition to holding a Ph.D. in physics, not only has Edgars had a lifelong interest in electronics, but he is also fascinated by music. So much so that he used to play the oboe in various symphony orchestras. Building a tube amplifier seemed like a perfect fit for his skill set.

He devoted the next year to research and development. In the process, he turned over every stone he encountered and took utmost care not to overlook any information or data that might be relevant to the fulfilment of his goal. Finally, one summer day in 2013, he was satisfied that the tube amplifier was ready to be presented to Marta. As she sat down to listen to a recording of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 1, right from the very first notes, she was amazed to discover just how rich and natural instruments can sound.

Over the next two years, Edgars reexamined all his circuit designs with a critical eye. He concluded that there was still room for improvement. During this period, parallel to his work as a scientist in Lausanne, Switzerland, Edgars experimented with myriad approaches in his efforts to refine the amplifier to perfection until he finally adjusted it to his satisfaction.

The next challenge was to create the design for the amplifier. To help him succeed, he turned to Gusts Rutkis. Anyone who knows Gusts would immediately understand why he didn’t want it to be just another riff on existing designs, but instead a complete bottom-up rethinking of what a tube amplifier should look like. A year later, the DIMD PP10 Stereo was born…